Join a group to do The Artist's Way and find ways to flourish in your creativity!!

I will host 2 groups in 2019 from late September to December meeting online weekly.

To join a group simply fill in the online form here: 
by 20 September indicating your preference to join Sunday nights or Monday lunchtime.

The Artist's Way is a book by Julia Cameron guiding participants in recovering their creativity. Whether you're a seasoned artist looking for new inspiration or experiencing a creative block, or just someone hoping to work out what their creativity looks like, everyone can get lots out of the process. The course involves reading chapters of the book and discussing them, completing reflective tasks, daily journalling and weekly "Artist Dates" (doing something to re-energise your creative self). Though the course can be done solo, many people recommend the benefits of doing it in a group to have people to journey with and be accountable to!

Groups will meet online weekly with 2 options:

Group 1 - Sunday 7:30pm-8.30pm AEST (Sunday 10.30am UK time) - starting 29 September 2019
Group 2 - Monday 12pm-1pm AEST (Sunday 7pm PST)  - Starting 30 September 2019

Participants will need to purchase their own copy of the book before the groups start. It can be found in most book stores or ordered online here:

Register for a group here:

Got questions?

Join me online to discover and recover your creative self


You may be aware of the profound impact that Julia Cameron's 'The Artist Way' had on recovering my creativity. 


Prior to undertaking the course over 10 years ago, I truly believed I was anything but creative. After completing the 12 week course, my life gained became better in so many ways. I enjoyed my job more, I had more things to look forward to and best of all I started to connect with myself and what I wanted from life. 


Over the years, I have suggested the course to many people and one of the hurdles I have found is that people find it harder to start and complete on their own. By undertaking the course with another or a group, you seem to be more disciplined and motviated know there are otehr cheering you on. Julia Cameron suggest 'Creative Clusters' can be a very beneficial way for people to undertake the course her suggestions can be found on her website.

Given the gifts the course as offered me, I want to present you with the opportunity to complete the Artist's Way course with me live online.  


When: The course will start on Sunday 29 September 2019, 7.30pm. While the course does run for 12 weeks in the book, we will use the first week as an opportunity to run through the resources you'll need, answer any questions you may have and some suggestive ways of finding time to complete the course. Our final meeting will be on Sunday 

Cost: No charge. All you need to do is purchase a hard copy of the book.

What do I need to do? Register below and I will send you the link to the closed page prior to the course commencing.  On Sunday nights at 7.30pm AEST I will login to this page and facilitate a live video. You are welcome to email any questions or items you would like to share during or before the meeting time. 

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