Divine Dog Wisdom - Meet Merlo the Labradoodle

Having an enlightened conversation with Merlo, a 15-week-old Labradoodle.

Merlo, it’s been 5 weeks since you've moved in, how’s the adjustment been going for you in a new house and a new family?

Oh I’m so happy! Life just keeps getting better by the day. My parents are a dream! They’re so loving and attentive to me. They’re gentle but firm. My teeth are still growing and all I want to do is get my teeth into everything. The back of mum’s recliner is perfect, however, mum doesn’t seem to appreciate the teeth marks I’ve left behind. Plants are lots of fun to pull out too!

Do you miss your mum and siblings?

The first few nights after I left them, I would often look up at the stars and wonder where in the world they were. I would send them all the love in my heart and had a knowing they were safe and at ease. They know I'm doing very well as they knew I was going to a wonderful home. My dad, Al, has never had a dog before. He's so smitten. I actually feel as those my parents have become closer since I moved in. I feel as though I'm the child they never had together.

Since life is a new experience for you, what's your take so far?

My perspective certainly changed a couple of weeks ago when my fringe had a trim and I could see the world more clearly. Jokes aside, it seems like a very special time to be on this earth. People seem to be very appreciative of their family and their life and are making the most of it. Can't ask for much more than that!

Where’s your favourite place to visit?

I loved going to puppy preschool. I made friends with everyone and my buddy Teddy was so much fun to play with. Now that I'm allowed to explore more, I love walking everywhere and saying hi to everyone. The big dogs don't scare me at all, although, they do scare my parents...

Merlo, It's been an absolute pleasure getting to know you and I wish you well in life.

Thank you for Donna Cameron-Prosser (@donnacameronprosser) for these beautiful photographs of Merlo,

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