Divine Dog Wisdom - The key to staying young at heart - an interview with toy poodle brothers Mr Big

Mr Bigglesworth and Mr Jangels, what do you think of the young pups of today? They cause havoc and demand attention. There are times when we just want to be left alone. Our newly adopted brother, Dusty, who is only a pup, insists on waking us up and giving us kisses. Yes, it’s a nice thought, but sometimes we just need our sleep!

We also notice that the youth of today don’t appreciate what they have in life. They just chew and chew and go through toys like nothing else and then they expect them to be instantly replaced. Back in our day, when you ripped your toy apart, we would have to wait for your next birthday or Christmas until we got a new one. I guess times have changed, we accept that. You are almost 84 years old, what’s your secret to looking so young?

Love! We wouldn’t be in such great shape if it wasn’t for our owners. Our previous owner, put us up for adoption to as he was working 12 hour days and was unable to give us the quality life that he felt we deserved. It was so hard for him to make the decision though, our foster mum has taken such great care of us and lets him visit often.

We are treated like royalty. We are taken for walks every day and we get to visit the beach on weekends. The food we eat is homemade and is made with so much love. We even have a choice of where to sleep - in the lounge room or in the bedroom - sometimes it can be a hard choice.

Mr Bigglesworth, you lost your eyesight several years ago, has this affected your life in any way?

No, not really. The only real difference is now I depend on my senses of smell, hearing and touch even more. Yes sometimes I may hit a wall (literally), but that doesn’t stop me as I easily find my way and get back on course. Isn’t it all about the journey anyway? There are smells and sounds that I never really noticed until now. I still go on walks with my brother and take trips to the beach. I’m not even afraid of other dogs coming up to me, because I know Jangels has got my back.

Mr Bigglesworth and Mr Jangels, it has been a pleasure. You both are a perfect reflection of what it means to be young at heart. Thank you.

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