What to buy this Hairy Christmas...

As the festive season continues, you may be wondering what to buy your four-legged friend for Christmas. Here's a few ideas that Santa has in his Workshop this year:

  • Give your dog a bone - an oldy but a goodie. Most dogs love nothing better than to rip their teeth into a meaty bone. Remember, raw bones only as cooked bones can splinter.

  • A personalised coller - our dogs are active and the wear and tear that has occured during the year's adventures may have caused your dog's collar to look in need of some sprucing up. There are a number of designer collars on the market. Some that allow you to personalise with diamantes! Whilst I do love the look, I prefer a collar that will stand the test of time.

  • A new comfy bed - Like Goldilocks, dogs have preference when it comes to their bed. Some like their beds hard, some like them soft and some like them just right. A new bed is always a winner. Perhaps a new kennel may be on the cards, or a woolen pet futon for them to snuggle into at night. There are some great natural beds on the market that look even more comfy than our own bed!

  • A new toy - Do you know what special toy is on your dog's wishlist? Is it a new set of tennis balls; the latest squeeky toy; or perhaps a frisbie! You know what your dog will love the most.

  • Love - Whilst the above gifts are thoughtful, I'm sure if we could get into their mind, what they would tell us that all they really want for Christmas is a good walk and cuddles. After all, as John Lennon would say, "All we need is love".

Hairy Christmas!

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