Chicken and Beetroot Pupcakes

Makes 6 Pupcakes

400g raw chicken mince

200g carrot, pulped

4 tablespoons sunflower seeds, ground

1 cup extra virgin coconut oil, softened 1 cup coconut flour Beetroot juice for colouring


In a bowl, mix together chicken, carrot, and sunflower seeds.

Allow mixture to stand for 10 minutes.

Using a silicone cupcake mould, press the mixture into the moulds.

Place pupcake bases in the fridge to set for 20 minutes.


In a bowl, combine the coconut oil and coconut flour.

Add beetroot juice, a tablespoon at a time until you have your desired colour.

Using a piping bag and a star nozzle (no smaller than 1.5cm/½ inch in diameter), pipe the icing on top of the pupcake base.

Refrigerate for 15 minutes. Remove silicone mould before serving.

Coconut oil has a melting point above above 24 ℃ (76℉ ), so you'll need to pipe quickly on a summer's day.

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