Unconditional love

Dogs are one of the greatest teachers of unconditional love. They are loyal, loving, forgiving and they expect nothing in return. My dogs, Malcolm and Rosie, have blessed me with the warmth of their hearts every day.

For the last 12 months, I am truly humble for the unconditional love and support of not only the dogs in my life, but one woman in particular, Sonya Perks. Not only is Sonya my cousin and a mother of three, she is the talented and creative photographer behind the book Pupcakes: Honour the Divine Dog.

With Sonya's love and support, Pupcakes: Honour the Divine Dog is the closest it has ever been to being published. In August 2014, I was sleep deprived, physically and emotionally exhausted and was desperate to do something for myself. Though I loved taking care of my daughter full-time, I needed to do something for myself. I had dreamed of making a pupcake recipe book for years and had previously discussed it with my cousin. As a mother herself, Sonya understood how I felt and she agreed to give life to my pupcake dream.

In the book, Sonya has taken beautiful portraits of dogs celebrating special occasions and everyday life with pupcakes. The photos are just stunning!

Although Sonya and I are cousins, since we commenced working on the book, we have formed a very special relationship. We hold no judgements of each other and can just be ourselves.

To my wonderful cousin, Sonya - I am forever grateful for your love and support and bringing my pupcake dream to life.

Tanya xo

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