Pupcakes: Honour the Divine Dog is a creative and nourishing recipe book to celebrate the dogs in our lives. Not only is it a recipe book, it also includes a collection of stunning portraits of dogs celebrating special occasions and everyday life. Made with only the finest nourishing ingredients, this recipe book provides a way for you to celebrate your furry friends in a delicious and nutritious way.

All recipes have been developed using only organic and natural ingredients including organic beef and chicken, organic extra virgin coconut oil, raw organic vegetables, organic coconut flour, organic free-range eggs, and much more. All Pupcake ingredients been based on leading dog nutrition.

Award-winning photographer, Sonya Perks, has captured the stunning photographs of the dogs and pupcake creations.

20% of profits of Pupcakes: Honour the Divine Dog are donated to Animal Rescue and Advocacy Organisations.

Pupcakes: Honour the Divine Dog Book

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