Private Mentoring

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!

One hour session with Tanya Arnold - Sunshine Coast

I'd love to assist you in creating a more joyful and loving life.  


We deserve to enjoy the gifts of life and the opportunity to have immaculate health, ever-increasing abundance, heart-warming relationships and lots of FUN!

Live with a renewed sense of purpose.

Discover the unique gifts you have for this world.

Blossom into the person you were born here to be. 


 1 hour 15mins session 

Cost: $95 AUD

Bookings: Please use the contact form.

Tanya has been a great support to me in my creative endeavours. She is enthusiastic, kind and reassuring and is a great person to have around to brainstorm and discuss ideas with. I truly value the encouragement she has given me over the years.

- Seja Vogel, Professional Musician & Felt Artsist

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